Company registration requirements

Description: Requirement:
Applicable Law Based on UK Companies Act 1929
Number of shareholders One shareholder or more
Number of directors One director or more
Non-resident directors Non-residents can be directors
Corporate directors Legal entities can be directors
Corporate secretary Resident secretary is required
Authorized capital Optional Usually 2000 Pounds
Paid up capital Minimum 1 Pound
Bearer Shares Not available
Paid up Share Capital Not less than £100
Registered agent Required
Registered office Required
Annual tax return Required
Audit Not required
Board of directors meetings No restrictions on location
Publicly available
information Memorandum & Articles of Association,
registered office and agent, annual
income, directors and shareholders
Other requirements:

No Gibraltarian or resident of Gibraltar must have a beneficial interest in the shares of the company. They still can be Nominees or working staff of the company.
The company does not carry out or transact any trade or business in Gibraltar unless all receipts and income arise either outside Gibraltar or from dealings with other exempt or qualifying companies and non resident persons. Companies undertaking business with residents of Gibraltar have to prepare accounts for submission to the tax authorities, but these accounts are not available to the public.
The company keeps its Company Register of members and its Registered Office in Gibraltar.
No shares are issued or transferred without the approval of the Financial and Development Secretary.
All limited companies (except those which are non-profit or licensed banks and insurance companies) are required to file accounts at Companies House in respect of each financial year commencing 1 April 2000.


All applications should be submitted with a reference of each of the beneficial shareholders which should be provided by a bank or a professional person. Additionally a little information as to the purpose of the company should be enclosed in the application.


Company formation can be undertaken very quickly, unless there are any specific requests as to the form, contents and certification of the corporate documents are required. more complex memoranda and articles are required. Your company can be exactly of that form that you wish, all the documents will be completed in due course at your request.
Incorporation of a Gibraltar company usually takes 3 to 5 business days. Additional legalisation (Notary, Apostille) may take another 4-6 business days. There is 0.5% stamp duty on authorised share capital with a minimum payment of £10.

Registration package of documents

Upon registration you will receive the following papers:
1. Original Certificate of Incorporation
2. Memorandum and Articles of Association
3. “First Minutes” of the Board Meeting of Directors
4. Copy of the Declaration of Compliance
5. Share certificates

Additional services such as provision of Nominee Directors, opening of bank account, etc. are available and prices will be furnished upon request.

For nominee director services:
1. Share transfer forms/ trust declarations
2. Power of Attorney
3. Corporate resolution
4. Resignation letter/ services agreement, from nominee directors

Certificate of Good Standing (with names of Directors and Shareholders) is available upon request.